Fascinating Folk Ready For Films: “Sweet William” Is Entry Into “Tall Trees & Riverbeds”


The song “Sweet William” was my entry into the latest EP by The Sweet Maries, a Chicago-based folk duo. Tall Trees and Riverbeds forges a fascinating trail through dark and dreamy folk to feather-light pop music that has your heart turning and face smiling. Walking the line between beautiful and the edge of a fog, it exists on the edge of perception, but with both feet on the ground to keep it real.

The result is fantastic. Epic and poignant in all the right ways, “Sweet William” swings with…

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Chicago’s The Sweet Maries Brandish Strong Storytelling On New Release, “Tall Trees & Riverbeds”


Like any powerful musical duo, Amy Shoemaker and Susie Lofton — who make up Chicago acoustic indie-folk/Americana group The Sweet Maries — seem joined at the hip. Their musical and vocal talents compliment each other while both reaching the same goal with ease. And no more is that made clear than on “Dirt Road,” the life-affirming opening track of their newest release Tall Trees & Riverbeds.

Though certainly not as topsy-turvy as the plot of Thelma & Louise, “Dirt Road” sports a vibe of two women united, ready to take on whichever path is laid out, even if one of the opening lyrics proclaims there’s “No one beside me / No one to help guide me.” It’s set to a breezy melody that coasts like the wind on a long, open drive.

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Chicago band The Sweet Maries expands musical horizons on latest album


On its latest release, "Tall Trees & Riverbeds," Chicago area duo The Sweet Maries builds on the harmonious relationship between musical soulmates Amy Shoemaker and Susie Lofton.

The band will perform material from the new album during a CD release party from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Jan. 19 at The Rock House, 1742 Glenview Road, Glenview. 

I had the chance to talk to the band about the new album.

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The Modern Folk

By The Modern Folk

Chicago's The Sweet Maries are an accomplished folk band that keep the beguiling harmonies of singers Amy Shoemaker and Susie Lofton up in the front, backed string-band production that features some acrobatic mandolin playing. there is a mix of pop drama and polish and old time folk vibes. their self titled album includes an interesting take on the traditional tune 'black is the color of my true love's hair'

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